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Nayyar Bukhari’s pre-arrest bail approved

Former Senate chairman Nayyar Hussain Bukhari and his son have been granted protective bails by a court in a case regarding thrashing of a policeman by Bukhari and his son.

Bukhari was reportedly advised by two key government members to acquire pre-arrest bail after a case was lodged against him for thrashing a policeman in F-8 court. Bukhari had claimed to not have manhandled the man, but CCTV footage disproved the claim.

Footage showed Bukhari shoving the policeman on duty while his son slapped him. The victimised policeman had attempted to search Bukhari as part of a standard practice to which he took offence.

The inspector general (IG) had vowed to set an example in the case.

However, opposition leader in the National Assembly (NA) Khursheed Shah criticised the law enforcement agency’s move against Bukhari maintaining that a policeman should not be dressed in plain clothes while on duty.

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