Nadra issued 90,000 cards to foreigners, reveal arrested employees


Arrested employees of National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) have revealed that corrupt officials issued around 90,000 identity cards to foreigners in Qilla Abdullah and other areas, local media reported on Friday.

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) had raided Nadra’s office situated on Double Road on May 4. The agency had detained around nine employees during the raid. Two male DEOs Khalid and Zaheer and two women DEOs were among the detainees. Other persons who were taken into custody included three security guards and two officials.

The employees revealed that officials pocket Rs 40,000 to Rs 0.1 million bribes for the issuance of each identity card.

Earlier in February, a report compiled by an intelligence agency revealed that certain officials of National Database and Registration Authority were involved in making illegal national identification cards (NIC) for terrorists belonging to different countries.

NADRA officials were alleged by the intelligence agency of pocketing bribes from individuals of Afghan, Bengali, Uzbek and American origins. The report further stated that the corrupt officials were still assuming positions and maintaining their ranks.

The agency revealed that many of the forged identity cards seized from assassinated terrorists were issued from Karachi.