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Girls can’t don tights, jeans in Faisalabad varsity

The National Textile University (NTU) of Faisalabad has issued dress code for its staff and students in order to promote a positive image of the institute and to maintain good moral, religious and cultural values.

According to a notification of the NTU, the students and staff of the university should not wear tights or see-through dresses, T-shirts, dress bearing citations or art/slogans, ripped pants, workout clothes, untidy or immodest dress, stylish sunglasses, designed caps, shorts or sleeveless shirts and shawls.

The NTS also asked female students not to wear tights and jeans, half sleeves and sleeveless shirts, and also not use excessive makeup or wear expensive jewellery. The students of NTU have appreciated the dress code and vowed to follow it.

Meanwhile, NTU Director Tanveer said the dress code is aimed at providing professional training to the students, adding that if anyone fails to follow it, they will not be penalised.

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