PM’s assistant says TORs reveal opposition’s bad faith


Special Assistant to Prime Minister Dr Musadik Malik defended the government’s rejection of the opposition’s Terms of Reference (TORs) questioning the opposition’s motives behind the TORs.

He said the motive was not to eradicate corruption from the country, or stop money laundering, or even make offshore banking more transparent, but instead they are trying to ensnare the prime minister.

Talking to Pakistan Today Editor Arif Nizami on his Channel 24 programme DNA, Malik said PM Nawaz’s name is not even mentioned in the Panama Leaks and according to law there is no allegation against him, but because his children’s name was mentioned, he presented himself for accountability before the nation.

He said it was very important to understand the motivation behind the opposition’s unfair demands.

“The TORs are nothing but a witch hunt as the opposition has already given its verdict and simply wants to put the PM on trial,” Malik said.

He said that even according to NAB law, you have the responsibility to present your papers only after an investigation proves that you have done corruption.

“There’s no law which allows self-incrimination,” he said.

“The prime minister was under no obligation legally to present himself for accountability. He did that as a moral obligation,” Malik added.

He said the government is not afraid of a united opposition because this is something which is a part and parcel of democracy.

“We only want democracy to flourish and strengthen in the country,” he said.

Talking about role of the army, he said the entire nation is highly appreciative of the role the army has played in fighting terrorism during Zarb-e-Azab and Karachi operations. Our relations with army are not strained, he maintained.

Talking about foreign policy, he said maintaining friendly relations with all the neighbours is important to ensure progress. We have good relations with Iran, India, Middle-Eastern countries and the countries in Europe.

“But we don’t compromise on the honor and integrity of the country,” he said, and added, “The foreign policy of the past 20 years was of a different trajectory and it is going to take time for us to right the ship.”


  1. With an incompetent cabinet one needs so many assistants. I have lost the count.

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