The Rock launches motivational alarm clock app


Dwayne The Rock Johnson has launched a motivational alarm clock app for Android and iOS.

The Rock Clock features custom sounds and alarms – users can wake up to the noise of chainsaws, bells or even missives from the man himself.

The Rock launches motivational alarm clock app

But there’s no snooze button because he disagrees with the concept of not getting up immediately.

The app can be programmed like any other alarm clock or can be set to The Rock’s time meaning that you’ll be woken at 4.15am in order to start working out.

The Rock launches motivational alarm clock app 1

However, it also invites you to set goals and targets. Pre-recorded words of wisdom and encouragement from Johnson will play as you get closer to achievements. The Rock is also promising to deliver exclusive video messages to help fans and app users.

The Rock Clock is free to download from the iTunes App Store and from Google Play.



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