Sukkur Children’s Litfest draws huge crowds


Khurheed Shah calls for urgent need to increase investment in education sector

Over 3,000 children, parents and teachers attended a two-day children literature festival in interior Sindh.

The festival was a national level event and happened for the first time in the district. It was organised by US Agency for International Development (USAID) through its Sindh Reading Programme (SRP) in collaboration with the Sindh government.

National Assembly Leader of the Opposition Syed Khurshid Ahmed Shah and Education and Literacy Department, Head of Curriculum Dr Fouzia Khan attended the festival along with local authorities. Moreover, renowned Sindhi poets, writers, representatives from donor organisations and public and private and public institutions attended the festival.

While addressing the event, Shah said, “There is an urgent need to increase investment and attention in the education sector in order to empower the future generation and the society at large.”

With support from the SRP, over 500 public schools were mobilized for the event. However, the highlight of the event remained the participation and performance by the children with special needs for Child Protection Unit Sukkur.

SRP designed special panel discussions to highlight the need for non-formal education system for out-of-school children in Sindh and promote creative reading among younglings.

Launch of SRP’s teaching and learning materials for primary students also took place at the festival.



  1. The Sukkur Children's LitFest was attended by over 12000 children and not 3000! it was the best district based CLF thus far with amazing children, schools and teachers.. the figures can be checked with the registration teams of CLF .

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