Putin refuses to visit Pakistan


Blowing Pakistan’s expectations of making Russia a key ally in times to come, Russian President Vladimir Putin has rejected an invitation to visit Pakistan for the inauguration of the North-South Pipeline Project with Moscow. The reason cited was “not enough substance in this trip”.

Declining the invitation implies that Pakistan’s hopes of a close alliance with Russia will have to wait a while.

The recent bonhomie between both sides has not lasted long, despite Pakistan’s plans to buy armament, including aircraft from Russia, signing a number of bilateral agreements, setting up of the high-level consultative mechanism between Islamabad and Moscow, strategic dialogue between their respective Foreign Ministers and a Joint Working Group on counter terrorism, etc.

The high-level visits were being projected as evidence of the new level of friendship and enhanced engagement between the two countries.

The assumption that Moscow was actively developing ties with Islamabad, particularly in trade and counter terrorism, seems to have belied general expectations.


  1. Pakistan`s diplomacy is far inferior. Officials are quite busy with their personal wealth growing concerns

    • It’s not about diplomacy….It’s not a zero sum game…you will not understand…Russia is never an enemy to India….neither India is enemy to Russia…Pakistan is an enemy of Russia…Russia can never forget….Russia is only looking for economic interest….if Pakistan is looking to Russia to be an allay against India and will supply Pakistan weapons….then stop day dreaming…Russians gave India nuclear submarines…Do you need further proof…Russians are on Indian side…Russia told India when they are going to raid Syria rebels not Pakistan….Pakistan should stop sponsoring terrorists and should adopt independent foreign policy and try and build trust…stop sheltering criminals…Pakistan has become criminals sheltering place.

  2. Pakistan is a state of 200 millions Muslims and it cannot condemn million killings of Muslims in Syria nor can save the life of a single Muslim in Burma or Kosovo. Why Putin will visit. In international policies,those states are respected which can help in time of need.What Pakistan can help Russia. Russia does not need us neither militarily nor in any other area . Russia give importance to Iran which reaches everywhere to fight alongside allies

  3. Why do you need Putin to come for the opening ceremonies ? He’s right there’s not enough substance. Our politicians just want their pictures taken and posted in news paper, internet and on other mediums. When ever something is inaugurated in Pakistan our Pms are there, why ? The mayors should be there to inaugurate. For Putin to come to Pakistan would mean spending tax payer money for something insignificant. You have embassy’s and representative in foreign countries for a reason.

  4. Pakistan involvement in Middle eastern Saudi alliance and India importance to Russia is hindering the visit of the Putin to Pakistan. In future it is likely that Russia and Pakistan will develop good relationship for stable Middle east, Eurasia and multi-polar world and to cope up with on going insurgence of the west and NATO into the middle east and Ukraine.

    • Russia will collobrate with India for stable Afghanistan not with Pakistan…Pakistan still sheltering terrorists…Pakistan is a safe heaven for world criminals…that doctor who helped USA nail bin ladin is treated as criminal in Pakistan…It’s not a shame for Pakistan…Pakistan is actually a terrorists country

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