Whoops! Did Hema Ji break Deepika’s engagement news on Twitter?


It’s been a question weighing on their fans’ minds… when is Bollywood’s newest IT couple Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh making it official? It’s gossip fodder that’s sparked off quite a few rumours already.

And then ‘Dream Girl’ Hema Malini stepped to add fuel to the fire.

Early in the morning on Thursday, she tweeted her best wishes to ‘Deepika’ on her engagement.

Many Twitters users took this to mean that the beloved Bollywood actress, who is currently shooting her Hollywood debut xXx in Canada, has finally swapped rings with her hunky beau.

After all, Ranveer came close to openly admitting to their relationship at the recently held TOIFA Awards in Dubai. Surely, this was the next logical step?

It was enough to throw Twitter into a fact-finding tizzy with fans from all around the world tweeting back to Hema Ji asking to verify which Deepika is she referring to and if it’s as official as she tweeted.

Eventually, Hema realised her mistake and clarified that her good wishes were for a Twitter follower named Deepika, not Deepika Padukone!

Well, too bad everyone! Lets all get back to work!