Lyari gangster in Rangers custody confesses to killing and dumping bus passengers


An alleged terrorist affiliated with a Lyari gang made startling confessions during interrogation by the Rangers on Wednesday.

Abdul Majeed alias Sindhi affiliated with the Uziar Baloch and Sheraz Comrade Group in Lyari revealed that he would kidnap passengers from buses which passed through Mauripur Road and Gulbai. He later killed them and dumped their bodies at barren roadsides, a Rangers spokesperson said.

Abdul Majeed confessed to killing five political party workers and one trader for refusing to pay extortion money.

He added during interrogation that he had killed his own comrade Faisal alias Lamba and then dumped his body near Khadda Market.

He said that he had killed Faisal on the instructions of his comrade Ayaz Zehri.

Abdul Majeed said that he was earlier arrested by the Counter Terrorism Department but released after his boss gave several thousand rupees as bribe.


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