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Court seeks record of OLMT project

The Lahore High Court on Tuesday sought documents from the Punjab Mass Transit Authority, Lahore Development Authority (LDA) and others on petitions challenging construction of the Orange Line Metro Train (OMT) project.

Headed by Justice Abid Aziz Sheikh, a division bench was conducting the hearing of the case.

During the proceedings, Azhar Siddique, the counsel for the petitioners, argued that the OLMT project was initiated without proper planning and was damaging Lahore’s cultural heritage.

Upon this, the government’s lawyer contended that the project was properly planned and was of public welfare, adding that those uprooted to make way for the project were paid the compensation and there was no threat to historical sites either.

The petitioners’ counsel further argued that the way the government adopted to construct the project was not just harmful for the cultural heritage but also hazardous to the environment. He also submitted that the Punjab government had rewarded the contract to the NESPAK for which it violated the PEPRA rules.

The court ordered the government’s lawyer to provide all documents regarding the construction of the OLMT project.

The two sides will now initiate their arguments on April 27 when the court takes up the case.

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