368 candidates pass CSS exam, 238 qualify for service


In a telling sign for the country’s dismal state of education, only 3.02 per cent of ‘potential’ candidates passed the competitive examination for the country’s civil service.

According to the results announced by the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC), only 379 candidates of a total 12,176 passed the CSS examination, a 3.02 pass percentage.

The FPSC’s official website stated a total of 20,717 candidates applied for the CSS written examination of which only 12,176 appeared to take the exam.

Of these 12,176 participants, only 379 candidates managed to pass the written examination but only 368 candidates qualified for viva. Of these 368 candidates, 220 were male while 148 were female.

Those candidates, who had passed in the written examination, were made to undergo pre-selection schedules for medical examination, psychological assessment and viva voce.

The final list of candidates recommended for appointment by FPSC after completion of pre-selection stages number 238, of which 132 are male and 106 female.