Wasting food


It is very disheartening to know that in Pakistan the people are totally wasting the food but never bother themselves to provide this foods to the poor. It was discovered that 40 percent of food has just been wasted in parties in Pakistan. According to UN and FAO all around the world 1.5 billion food items have been wasted and 952 million people are suffering from hunger. According to FAQ the wastage of food in a year is equal to half of the world’s annual cereal crops.
In a wedding party for instance, there are more than 25 dishes and half of all dishes are wasted. When we visit restaurants and see the kitchen and dustbins, much wasted food is present. I request to the people to stop wasting food and throwing the food in dustbins, instead they should provide the foods to the poor people

(Mehraj Altaf)


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