Feathers and Ferns – Saleha Kashif launches her collection


Saleha Kashif launched her clothing collection, titled Feathers and Ferns, at Cosa Nostra on Saturday.

“We have just launched ourselves into the market. Our collection is all about summers. We are into all sorts of fabrics and soft clothing starting from semi-formals, formals and bridals. And the main reason why we have started off with our summer collection is to bring to the public what we have,” said the marketing manager.

Talking about her collection Saleha said,” My theme is inspired by feathers and ferns and the materials and the embellishments that I used are all a reflection of my theme. They are all light-coloured because summer is approaching, she said.

The attendees were impressed by Saleha’s sense of design and appreciated her work.


Seema Ghazali, who runs a travel agency, said that the collection was very beautiful and softly designed. We have had enough of garish embroidery and chapas and blocks. This collection is different, delicate and graceful, she said.

Another attendee, Sabeena, found the collection appealing. “They are exquisite, dainty and very appealing and I wish Saleha all the best. She already is a successful designer.”

“The exhibition is amazing. The styles and the cuts are very different”, said Annum Raza, another attendee

Saleha has been working as a designer for many years but she stepped into the commercial market only recently. Now that my kids have grown up, I have the time to work on it, she says.



  1. Very elegant collection… We don’t get to see such intricate clothing in the market anymore. Good luck, Ms. Saleha!

  2. I went here but a lot of the stuff was sold out by the time I got there. But the designer was very gracious and took my order on the spot. Can’t wait to collect it this week ???

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