Indian tests of nuclear missiles disturbs strategic balance: FO


The Foreign Office (FO) on Thursday expressed serious concern over Indian tests of nuclear-capable ballistic missiles, saying it would “disturb strategic balance in south Asia”.

Speaking at a weekly news briefing in Islamabad, FO spokesperson Nafees Zakaria said India should have informed Pakistan in advance about the test.

The spokesman dismissed concerns about ‘threats’ to Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal, saying that Pakistan enjoys safety of its weapons.

In March, India tested a nuclear capable long range submarine missile in the Indian Ocean.

This has raised concerns over the nuclear balance in the region, and more specifically the nuclearisation of the Indian Ocean.

The Foreign Office has previously said that Pakistan is ready to work with India to prevent an arms race in the region.

In February, the National Command Authority, the country’s top decision-making body on nuclear issues, had renewed the proposal for Strategic Restraint Regime, which has been on the table since Oct 1998.

India has remained opposed to the proposal and avoided negotiations on the matter.

Afghan chief executive’s trip postponed:

The spokesman confirmed that chief executive of Afghanistan Abdullah Abdullah has postponed his trip to Pakistan scheduled on May 2.

Abdullah Abdullah announced he was postponing his trip after “initial evidence” of the suicide attack in central Kabul on Tuesday which claimed 64 lives.


  1. Strategic balance with whom? Pakistan? He must be joking, the reality has changed in last 20 plus years SE Asia and the world knows there isn't any comparison between India and Pakistan the sooner you realize the better!

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