KBCA’s tightens building regulations


Karachi Building Control Authority (KBCA) has tightened its rules and regulations for the new high-rise buildings in Karachi. The Authority has decided not to allow high-rise projects on small pieces of land.

The decision, however, means that billion of rupees of the builders, represented by Association of Builders and Developers (ABAD) in Karachi have been stuck, industry sources told Pakistan Today.

Some of the ABAD members were constructing huge high-rise buildings in connivance with corrupt KBCA officials.

“These rules and regulations were already present in the KBCA’s law. There is nothing new in these regulations,” ABAD head Hanif Gohar said. He said the builders are being given permission by the KBCA to construct buildings according to rules and regulations.


The building control authorities are demanding prior approval from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the Pakistan Air-Force (PAF) from the builders and developers to construct high-rise buildings in Karachi.

According to a notification, the CAA will not allow any high rise building within 15 kms of the Karachi Airport, while PAF has similar restriction near Air Force airports in Karachi.

“The CAA and PAF’s approval has been compulsory since 2002, but the KBCA has now started implementing these rules for the last three-four months,” the source said.

The source further said that earlier the KBCA was allowing 10-12 storey buildings on 400-500 yard plots, but now it is giving permission of four- storey buildings on 400-500 yards plots, while 7-10 storey buildings can be constructed on 1,000-yard plots, (depending on the location).

New constructions on most of the plots in District Central have stopped. Builders had purchased these plots for the constructions of high-rise flats but now their feasibility report is not suitable under the new construction policy.

The prices of land have gone up by almost four times in District Central owing following new regulations especially between Old Nazimabad and Surjani Town. The area has seen some heavy development activity recently.

Builders like Saima, Al-Ghafoor, Glammer, Anarkali, Royal, GoldLine, Samama, Omega, Mateen and other construction companies which have been very active in District central are now in trouble as the KBCA is not giving permission to construct above 8-10 storey buildings on 400-500 yard plots.

These builders and developers have constructed 10-22 storey apartment buildings, shopping malls, plazas and commercial buildings on small pieces of land in District Central.

The entire main road plots of Nazimabad, North Nazimabad and North Karachi offer only 400-500 yard plots. Most of the builders were in competition to get empty or residential plots in these areas to construct high-rise buildings. Because of the competition, the prices of these lands had shot up beyond the reach of even a moderately well-off family.




  1. It needs only a 2.5 magnitude earth-quake to test how much control this one of the most corrupt Organization has. It was one of the Offices the Rangers had raided and took away hundreds of files to investigate. This is where the Sind Govenment's (read PPP) temprament burst and started a campaign against Rangers' accesses.
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