Police arrests murderer of three children in Karachi


The mysterious murder case of three children in Karachi’s Orangi Town has finally been solved, as the servant was found guilty in the crime, reported on Wednesday.

Mominabad police stated that criminal was apprehended from Orangi Town with Rs 3000 in his pocket while the victim families have alleged that the culprit looted Rs 4 lac from the house and also strangled the children to death.

“An eighteen-year-old Hussain, seems to be mentally ill, was servant at the shop of slain children’s father,” said investigation officer.

In a grisly confession made to the police on Wednesday, 18-year old Hasnain accepted that he had killed the three children at a house at sector 10, Orangi Town because “they made fun of him”.

The children were alone in the house when Hasnain strangled them to death, and then stole Rs400,000 from the house, and fled.

A relative claimed that Hasnain murdered the girls first, and when Ali arrived minutes later with a box of sweet Jalebis for his sister, he was killed too.

Speaking to the media, the family, appealed for justice. “We want justice. He should be hanged to death.”

Earlier, three children, two girls and a boy, late Tuesday night died under mysterious circumstances in Karachi’s Orangi Town Number 10 area.

Police told that two of the children, Namri and Nabri, are both sisters while the young boy, Ali, was their cousin.

Harsh words were also exchanged between the bereaved families and the hospital’s administration as the Medico Legal Officers (MLO) arrived late at the scene and also beat up the staff of hospitala dministration.