Startup Expo 2016 concludes, SEHAT awarded best healthcare startup | Pakistan Today

Startup Expo 2016 concludes, SEHAT awarded best healthcare startup

EDI (Entrepreneurship Development Institute) organized a two day event at the Jinnah Convention Centre in Islamabad to give recognition to the Top 100 Startups of Pakistan. Startups from all over the country were present at this prestigious event. The first day consisted of activities revolving around the stalls of every startup at the event, with esteemed guests arriving at the event as well. Michael Foley, CEO of Telenor Pakistan, and NaeemZamindar, CEO Acumen, were just a few of the distinguished personalities in attendance. The second day consisted of speeches from key figures in the technology space of Pakistan, including Michael Foley, NaeemZamindar, Nabeel A Qadeer, Kamran Rizvi, and Farrukh Malik. The penultimate event of the second day was the awards ceremony, before the closing remarks. The following winners were announced for the event:

Service Startup of the Year – DeliveryTen

E Store of the Year – ForanBuy

Tech Startup of the Year – Convitek

Education Startup of the Year – Kids&Moms

Food Startup of the Year – Capital Delights

Social Startup of the Year – Emperor’s Bazar

App of the Year – Holla

Healthcare Startup of the Year – Sehat

Fashion Startup of the Year – DealsKPK

Arts & Crafts Startup of the Year – DamascusMarks

Digital & Marketing Startup of the Year – WonderWorks

Travels & Tours Startup of the Year – PakPeaks