UBG alleges ex-senator Ghulam Ali evaded Rs1.60 bln tax




The United Business Group (UBG) of Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) on Thursday said leader of the Businessmen Panel (BMP) and former senator Ghulam Ali is involved in tax evasion of Rs 1.60 billion.

A joint statement issued by FPCCI President Abdul Rauf Alam, Vice Presidents Khalid Tawab, Hanif Gohar, Arshad Farooq, Rahman Aziz, UBG Secretary General Zubair Tufail, spokesman Gulzar Feroze and Shakil Dhingra said that Ghulam Ali saved import duty worth Rs 1.60 billion by declaring that machinery imported would be used to set up a factory in tax-free area of Malakand.

The statement added that the failed trade leader rejected twice by the business community in the FPCCI elections climbed the ladder of success through massive corruption and now he is eying FPCCI after being disappointed in political circles.

“He should have courage to return the money to the government or the authorities should reopen the case as he was spared at that time due to political interference,” the statement said.

The business leaders said that Ghulam Ali is a failed politician and rejected business leader who is very displeased due to repeated defeats in trade politics.

The statement said that the former senator has a long history of corruption and there is nothing on his credit which can be used to attract voters.

Therefore he has started maligning TDAP CEO SM Muneer for the sake of popularity. SM Muneer is a leading exporter of leather and textiles while he is also Vice Chairman of the MCB Bank.

They said that keeping in view the services of the business leader, the government has appointed him as CEO of TDAP where he is not even getting paid a salary or any other benefits but he is still being targeted to meet their rival’s designs, which, the statement said, would be foiled.

They said that SM Muneer is serving selflessly but some rejected elements who are eying FPCCI are trying to malign him.


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