Panama Leaks: PAT to launch countrywide “Resign Campaign”


Pakistan Awami Tehreek has announced nationwide protest demonstrations seeking the resignation of the prime minister for his family’s involvement in the Panama Leaks scandal under the banner of “Resign Campaign”.

This was decided in a meeting held on Thursday chaired by the secretary general of the party Khurram Nawaz Gandapur. He said the decision was taken after credible proof had come to light of the involvement of the Sharif family in opening and handling off-shore accounts, managing businesses abroad without paying any taxes and for not showing where the income came from for opening and running these businesses. He said these activities of the Sharif family have bought a bad name to the country, which needs to be rectified. He said the rulers have lost the trust of the nation and therefore must step down.

He said that he had instructed all the heads of the district committees of the party regarding the upcoming campaign.