Rana Sanaullah warns Imran Khan against Raiwind march


Law Minister Rana Sanaullah has said that the day Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan besieges Jati Umra, his politics would be buried in Raiwind fields, local media reported on Wednesday.

While talking to the media, Sanaullah criticised the PTI leader about his statement about circling Prime Minister’s residence. He said that Khan’s politics would be buried in Raiwind’s fields if he besieges Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif’s residence.

Imran Khan is victim of his vanity and is unaware of Punjab’s traditions, he added.

Sanaullah said that protests at D-Chowk and at Mall Road do not have same consequences.

Earlier this week, Khan had stated: “We will celebrate Tehreek-e-Insaf’s Foundation Day on April 24 with utmost glory and will devise a strategy to protest at Raiwind as well”, adding that the party would not sit at peace until an independent commission was formed.

Khan had delivered an address to the people urging them to act against the Prime Minister (PM) and take action as Panama leaks have ‘exposed his offshore dealings’ and tax havens.

Khan said that the Icelandic people are doing ‘jihad’ by hitting the roads against their Prime Minster who was also named in the Panama Leaks. He said that the fate of the nation could be changed on the basis of these revelations, adding that the PM used the public television to defend his family which was alleged in the leaks and that he misled the people by lying to them.

Panama Papers published documents leaked from a law firm revealing offshore companies of at least 140 world leaders. Sharif family was named in the leaks to which Prime Minister’s daughter Maryam Nawaz retaliated demanding opposition to provide evidences.

Khan arrived in Lahore today to deliver an address at Shaukat Khanum Social Responsibility Awards 2016. The PTI chief is scheduled to meet party’s senior members to deliberate over his speech on party’s foundation and strategy over Panama leaks.



  1. That's what a darbari does. Instead of questioning NS where he got all this wealth from, he is threatening IK. Do we really deserve that these type of people rule us and decide our fate or should we stand up, come out on the streets and let them face us.

  2. Well Dear Minister.

    I beleive Imran is a product of punjab. He knows the tradtions well and you threathen With the ultimate "burial " of his politics in Raiwind. Your colleague honorable minister Rashid asks Imran how he makes his living. It appears this is first time a man has picked up a gaunlet against the ruling family over thirty years. He is doing it a democratic way in Pakistan and not in London.There is no charter of Democracy present in London only of conspiracy against the poor people of Pakistan. We wish our PM a speedy recovery from whatever is troubling him. No pakistani doctor worth his salt is good enough for him.

  3. Dr M.M. Khan, I was watching a program on TV when a participant asked Sheikh Rashid if Pervez Rashid was a Gordon College Student? He replied he was. Then next question was why was he picked up frequently from college by Nasrullah Khatak the then CM of Frontier ( now KPK)?He did not reply.

  4. The rangers should first take care of this shady character Sanaullah and dismantle all his illegal dens and corrupt thugs asap.

    • Well if what Imran says is true, Pakistan is bankrupt. Who is responsible is any body's guess. Who voted thugs to rule us ? We!. A nation gets a govt. it deserves.

  5. We deserve these dacoits. Since its inception, Pakistan is in the hands of these corrupt mafia but no one dared to challenge them. Now when Ik has dared to talk them eye to eye, and his provided us platform against this corrupt mafia, we are making jokes of him. O Pakistani’s its good time to change our fate. Which kind of evidences you people need against these thieves. Come up with loud voice and be part of IK’s struggle against them.

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