PeeCee speaks up about suicide claims by former manager


After weeks of silence, Priyanka Chopra has finally spoken up about her ex-manager Prakash Jaju’s claims of her allegedly suicidal past.

Following the mysterious death of TV star Pratyusha Banerjee, Jaju alleged that Priyanka was also troubled during her early days in Bollywood, and he saved her from suicide twice.

Priyanka has slammed his statements as completely false, reports Indian Express.

“This is utter… First of all, it’s so sad that Indian media has given credibility to the man, who was in jail because of harassing me, without checking the history who the person is. So, I have nothing to say because there is no credibility to this person, who media is giving credibility to,” Priyanka Chopra told a foreign media agency.

Banerjee’s demise may have been a reminder of the darker side of showbiz, but Priyanka said a lot of factors, other than the pressures of the entertainment industry, make a person vulnerable to depression:

“Why don’t we talk about those women, who commit suicide because they were harassed by the mother-in-laws or being beaten in their homes? Or they kill themselves because they are unhappy in their homes? It’s so easy to turn around and say about the showbiz world.”

Priyanka also expressed her disappointment that people were quick to judge Banerjee without knowing the truth:

“Nobody knows the truth. Nobody ever tried to find out what the poor 24-year-old girl was going through… And as usual, people are dissecting her life. People are unnecessarily talking about her, not giving her and family the respect they deserve right now.”

She concluded with a message to the youth:

“Young people are also committing suicide in colleges and hostels. I believe why they have to kill themselves for somebody else. I would kill that person first before ending my life for the person.”