Mahira left a lasting impression on SRK after Raees


We’ve all been waiting to hear what Shah Rukh Khan has to say about his experience of acting alongside Pakistani superstar Mahira Khan. It appears that Mahira has left a lasting impression on King Khan as the Bollywood megastar has admitted he’s missing his Raees co-star following the completion of their shoot.

“First I’ll talk professionally. Mahira is a really fine actor. And she’s very different. She’s very quiet. A Hindi film is a world in itself and she’s fortunate to have come in a film like Raees, which is still a little more realistic than the likes of Dilwale or Happy New Year,” SRK told the media.


That wasn’t it, however. It seems Shah Rukh just can’t stop praising Mahira. “What’s nice about her is that she’s so unassuming. She’s such a big star but she’s very unassuming on the set and she’s ready to adapt to the situation, which is very interesting. The bigger the star you are, the more nervous you get; I still get very nervous. I hide my nervousness with my flamboyance. But Mahira’s really, really nice as an actor.”

He also revealed that Mahira brought him a special gift from Pakistan. “Personally, she’s really sweet. She got chappals for me. I keep troubling her though. I keep teasing her that ‘you’re from that country’ and you know, ‘don’t mess with us here’ and she’s really sweet and supporting. I miss her.”

Raees, which was earlier supposed to hit cinemas on Eid, will now be released a few weeks later. In the meanwhile, Shah Rukh and Mahira keep teasing us with their witty Twitter conversations.

For instance, recently when SRK got emotional after completing Raees shoot, he sent out this Tweet:

Here’s what Mahira said in response:

Earlier, Shah Rukh got a little upset when Mahira posted a photo in a ‘Raees t-shirt’:

Our only wish now is that Raees isn’t delayed any further!


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