Visitors urged to avoid littering Margalla Hills trails



The Capital Development Authority (CDA) installed dustbins on different places along the hiking trails of Margalla Hills for cleanliness.

It is observed that generally people do not use them properly and throw empty bottles and waste materials in the open that cause pollution.

An official said the CDA launched anti-littering campaigns from time to time to create awareness among public about health hazards of littering garbage at public and recreational points.

He said that people should not create pollution by throwing soft drinks’ bottles and cigarettes butts at public places like Margalla Hiking Trails.

A trekker Hamza Ahmed said that regular visitors do not litter trails, but people who come here occasionally bring meals and drinking water with them.

“They litter without consideration though civic body has installed dust-bins at different locations throughout the trails,” he added.

Regular visitors have called for taking a stern action against people who spoil the beautiful environment of the Margalla Hills.