PTI nominee withdraws from NA-245 by-polls in favour of MQM


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party nominee Amjadullah Khan becomes a reason of great tribulation for PTI, when the candidate for NA-245 by-election announced his withdrawal from the elections on late Wednesday in the favour of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) candidate Kamal Malik and joined MQM few hours before the polling is about to start.

Local media reported Khan announced his withdrawal addressing a press conference at Nine Zero. He also expressed his dismay over party’s negligence. He further stated local party leadership had offered no support and cooperation for the election.

The PTI candidate also lamented the ignorance of PTI’s chairman Imran Khan for not contacting him and left him on his own for the election. 

Khan stated during the press conference that “Imran Khan doesn’t know anything about politics he should be doing welfare work. Imran Khan was a good person but he cannot handle the party.” 

Speaking on the occasion, MQM leader Amir stated that the results of NA-245 will be no different from those of NA-246.



  1. Unable to face the harrassment by MQM workers, he not only has withdrawn from the Elections but also joined MQM, a fadding ethnic party whose MPs are deserting and joining PTI. Such workers could only work as 'fifth columnist' in any party. PTI should be careful and so be Mustafa Kamaal.

  2. This reflects popularity of MQM despite internal troubles, few hours left , to witness doodh ka doodh Pani ka Pani. the result would prove the actual facts of public opinion.

    • And as fate would have it, there really is no doodh but all paani, which is why MQM wins without any substance and through brutely designed ethnic divides. And as long as the paani in lahoo remains, MQM shall continue to spill it.

  3. Yup, that's the easiest and most 'honorable' way to exit a party (PTI) that has no armed militia, no extortion mafia, and certainly no RAW-funded separatists. Also, way more convenient to unfairly criticize a leader (Imran Khan) who will not terrorize you and your family. Well done Amjadullah, may your 'pact with the devil' bring you glory and success.

  4. Imran Khan really doesn’t know the politics of bori dead bodies, bhatta and kidnappings. Amjadullah is a coward who was easily browbeaten by RAW MQM.Good riddanse bad rubbish.

  5. Amjadullah has the face of effeminate characteristics. His conduct has proved this. Such persons always need someone to look after and need a ‘daddy’. Result of perhaps a bullied school life and childhood. PTI leadership must pick men and not in betweens.

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