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Man stabs three coworkers to death in Islampura

Javed alias Afghani tells police his coworkers used to make fun of him, which compelled him to murder them

At least three people were stabbed to death and one critically injured with a sharp-edged weapon by their colleague on Wednesday. Police have arrested the alleged murderer.

Per details, the triple murder incident took place in Islampura Police Station precincts where three employees of a food point were found murdered while one other was found in injured condition.

“All victims were attacked by a fellow employee while they were sleeping,” a police official told Pakistan Today at the crime scene.

The official said that the owner of the BBQ restaurant informed police that when he reached his shop around 4pm he was surprised to see the shutters down.

“When he broke open the locks he saw that three of his employees law dead while one was in an injured condition,” said the official.

According to the owner, he had started the restaurant two months ago and had employed five workers to run the establishment. The workers were provided living space within the restaurant.

The killed persons were identified as Naeem from Chunian, Umar from Bahawalpur and Shehryar from Shalamar Garden area in Lahore. The latter was the owner’s nephew. The injured person was identified as Zainul Abdeen from Bahawalpur and he is said to be in a critical condition at the hospital.

According to initial police investigation, the suspected murderer Javed alias Afghani, a resident of Mansehra, said that he had killed his co-workers after being repeatedly bullied by them.

Shopkeepers of the area told Pakistan Today that Javed had a short temper and often got into arguments with his coworkers and neighbours.

“Javed used to get agitated on minor things which led others to tease him more,” one shopkeeper said, requesting anonymity.

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