RAW tried to enlist educated Baloch in separation movement


The arrest of four more operatives of Indian Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) from various parts of the country in recent days has revealed that RAW is trying to facilitate dissident Baloch students to get them enrolled in the best varsities of the country in order to enlist educated youth in the separation movement.

It has been revealed further that the operatives of the Indian covert spy agency provide the scattered Baloch students a platform to gather and share anti-state sentiments in the service, according to them, of a ‘greater cause’.

The four RAW operatives were arrested from Balochistan, Punjab and Karachi on the pointation of the nabbed RAW spy Kulbhushan Yadav.

Sources told Pakistan Today that the arrested operatives have disclosed that they helped Baloch students to get admission in the best varsities of the country to enable them to fight for separation more effectively. The sources added that the operatives managed to establish a network of dissident Baloch students in major varsities of the country.

The sources maintained that the operatives of the covert Indian agency helped Baloch students in identifying the varsities where they would have to get enrolled. Sources said further that the operatives also established network of like-minded Baloch lawyers.

The sources said that the foreign spy linked disgruntled Baloch youth via social media to keep them informed. The operatives supplied hate-literature aimed at fanning anti-state sentiment.

As per sources, RAW operatives disclosed that they increased their activities following the killing of former minister of state for interior and Balochistan governor Nawab Akbar Bugti in Pakistan Military’s operation in Kohlu in 2006. They said that they used the incident to make the disgruntled Baloch understand that they would have to educate their youth to fight their case of separation on the international level.


In Karachi, as per the sources, RAW operatives have an understanding with Lyari gangsters to facilitate dissident Baloch students in areas under their control. As per this understanding, Lyari gangsters provided platform to disgruntled Baloch students so they could hold meetings to share anti-state thoughts and their future strategy. The meetings were held in Lyari, Malir, Bin Qasim, Gulbahar and Pak Colony.

During the meetings, anti-state literature was shared with dissidents, which was brought to these meetings secretly. Anti-state literature was recovered from the possession of RAW operatives which they use to promote hatred among the Baloch youth.

As per their agreement, Indian spies helped Lyari gangsters escape from the country via Iran when they faced action from the law enforcement agencies. The sources made it clear that RAW operatives have such an understanding with every faction of Lyari gangsters.


Sources claimed further that foreign operatives created a linkage between Baloch insurgents and Sindhi separatists. Sindhi separatists, who considered Baloch fighters their role models, established a network with them in order to create a similar movement in Sindh.