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Prayer leader arrested for assaulting seminary student

A local prayer leader accused of raping a minor seminary student in Tajori area of Lakki Marwat was arrested on Tuesday.

Station House Officer (SHO) Ayaz Khan said that the 38-year-old prayer leader was arrested on charge of sexual abuse after one of his students lodged a case against him.

During preliminary interrogation, the accused confessed to sexually abusing one of his madressah students, an 11-year-old boy.

The official said that evidence had already been collected and medical tests were being processed. The accused would now be presented before a local court to seek his physical remand.

The incident took place at Darul Uloom Muhammadia Ghausia in Kotka Abi Zar Ahmad Zai area of Lakki Marwat, the SHO said.

The madressah was founded 10 years ago and a number of students are receiving Islamic education there, he said.

The victim belonged to Dhoda area, which is around 40 kilometres away from the seminary, hence he resided there along with other students.

The boy claimed in the FIR that his room at the seminary was adjacent to that of the prayer leader, who asked the boy to bring him water for ablution (wuzu). The boy said as he entered the room, the prayer leader locked the door and subjected him to rape.After the sexual assault, the cleric locked him inside the room for almost 24 hours, the boy alleged. The rape victim was able to escape and reach home when the prayer leader went away from the mosque.

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