Fiery Waqar slams PCB for ‘leaking’ confidential report


Head coach Waqar Younis fired a stinging volley at the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) after details of a confidential report from Tuesday’s meeting in Lahore was leaked to the media.

In a press conference outside the Gaddafi Stadium, a fired-up Waqar went as far saying that there “was more politics in Pakistan cricket than the parliament.”

The 44-year-old took to the press after the second meeting of a fact-finding committee which was formed to assess Pakistan’s disastrous World Twenty20 campaign. The coach gave a detailed report to the PCB on the first day of the meeting on Tuesday, the details of which were leaked in the media, prompting Waqar’s ire.

“Let’s forget about my position as coach for a minute. The real question is who is leaking information from these confidential reports? I’ve given a fair assessment but bits and pieces from my reports have been picked, moulded and leaked in the media to present me as some kind of villain,” Waqar said on Wednesday.

According to the former captain, who was hired as head coach for a second time in 2014 and whose contract is due to expire in May, said Pakistan cricket was rife with politics.

“There is more politics in Pakistan cricket than the parliament. We are all fed up of these inquiry committees. What are they achieving? We need to open our eyes and not look at opportunities to shift the blame.”

According to some reports in the media Waqar alleged that star batsman Mohammad Hafeez kept his injury a secret before World Twenty20, while the captain Shahid Afridi hardly participated in team meetings and practices he alleged former wicketkeeper and team manager Moin Khan of disrupting team culture.

Waqar said his details from his report had been ‘twisted’ to create further divisions.

“I presented an honest assessment in my report but I feel some individuals did not appreciate that. Hence my report has been twisted and leaked in the media. And that is why I came to meet the PCB chief today. Unfortunately, despite being present in his office and only three doors down from me, I was only give time over the phone.”

“Have I suddenly become their enemy? Aren’t we all part of the same team? I have been left deeply hurt by their actions,” Waqar said pointing to PCB chief Shaharyar Khan and ex-co chairman Najam Sethi.

The coach once again offered to resign from his post saying if “my exit means things will be better, I would do it without delay.”

There was further drama as selection committee member Kabir Khan resigned from his post as Waqar addressed the press. It was followed by a very brief statement from Shaharyar Khan who clarified his position.

“I had told Waqar I was unavailable to meet today and that is why I spoke on the phone.”

The former pacer revealed that some players in the team were uncooperative and did not follow the game plan given by the coach.

The report has been dispatched to fact-finding committee that includes Test captain Misbah-ul-Haq and senior batsman Younis Khan.

The committee is likely to take action after hearing the point of views of every blamed person.

Earlier, Head coach Waqar Younis had apologised to nation over team’s poor performance in ongoing mega event International Cricket Council World Twenty20.

“If my leaving makes things better, then I would do it without delay,” he said.

Pakistan were knocked out of the World T20 after failing to qualify for the semi-finals as they lost three out of their four group matches.

They only managed to win two matches in the Asia Cup.




  1. What Pandora’s box? He has exposed his character deficiencies and a sick mind. An uneducated man with poor brought up is what he has shown here. Men with self-esteem dignity and integrity leave and not behave the way he has done. He should never be permitted to come within hundred miles of the sport of Cricket. Period.

  2. Waqar Younis is justified in protesting against the inept and amateurish way his confidential report was leaked out to the press perpetuating more muddle and disarray in Pakistani cricket. It merely shows people at the top are lacking in professional skills to deal with the crumbling situation. Fortunately experienced and capable people are available who can help rescue and change the situation for better. Let us hope better sense will prevail and merit will succeed in Pakistan for once.

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