Female Muslim teacher among Brussels attacks victims


A Muslim teacher who had been working at an Islamic school was among the victims of brutal Brussels attacks a few days ago, Al Jazeera reported.

The death of Loubna Lafquiri, a young mother of three, is mourned by legion of students and teachers after it was confirmed that she became the target of extremist attackers.

Her friends and students feared her death after she did not show up at school after the attack as used to travel by metro.

The coordinated attacks that took place in Brussels were claimed by Islamic State, leaving at least 35 people dead.

“We can’t be anything but angry and reject the beliefs of these people who claim to be Muslims,” said Mohamed Allaf, secretary-general of the Muslim Schools Association. “There is no religion in the world that advocates killing human beings.”

Loubna was a gym teacher in the school and inspired many students who are now encouraged to express themselves in drawing, poems and messages so that they can cope with the loss.

The attacks have left scores of Muslims thinking where they stand now in Belgian society, concerned about their future.

A Muslim parliamentarian in Brussels, Khadija Zamouri, told her children are now asking questions about their religion.

“I hear … from my own children. It’s like, ‘Can we still say that we are Muslim? Shouldn’t we be secret about it? Can we say Allahu Akhbar?’ It’s like everything to do with religion has become contaminated,” she added.