Khan for close Pak, India coop against terrorism in wake of RAW agent’s capture



A day after the capture of an Indian spy from Balochistan, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Friday urged both Pakistan and India to deal with the menace of terrorism on a reciprocal basis while sharing information and cooperating with each other.

Expressing grave concern over the arrest, Khan said it was the time the Pakistan government took the nation into confidence regarding Indian spy agency RAW’s destabilising activities inside Pakistan and its involvement in terrorism.

“As the Brussels attacks have shown, terrorism threat is global in nature and needs a global as well as regional cooperative approach,” he added.

Khan said that ‎at a time when Pakistan had been cooperating with India, especially in the wake of the Pathankot terrorist attack, India needed to reciprocate and cooperate with Pakistan in instances where acts of terror had taken place against Pakistan and its citizens.

“While the issue of Samjhota Express remains unresolved, this alarming development of an active RAW agent being caught in Balochistan has raised some serious concerns regarding Indian intent,” said the PTI chief.

He said it was incumbent upon the Pakistan government to inform its people about the extent of RAW activities in Pakistan, adding that “the government must also inform the citizens of the steps being taken to ensure that terrorists do not cross over from borders on both the north-western and eastern fronts”.

Khan reasserted that counter terrorism needed a more holistic approach as opposed to the present piecemeal approach the government had adopted – despite an overarching National Action Plan that was supported by the entire national political leadership.