Hafeez, Akmal and Shahid Afridi sabotaged my captaincy, alleges Shahid Afridi


    Mohali – Our Ghatya Players Correspondent: Speaking after the defeat of the national cricket team in the World T20 Cup, Pakistan team captain Shahid Afridi exposed a conspiracy by some of the players who were playing badly only in order to sabotage his captaincy.

    Speaking out against the Gang of Five, as it is being called, Afridi said that the match performance of Hafeez, Akmal, Shehzad, Malik and Shahid Afridi were so shabby that it is not possible they were not doing it on purpose.

    “Did you even see the performance of Ahmed Shehzad,” he asked reporters. “It is not possible, just not possible to be like that.”

    The captain also added that perhaps the most suspiciously disappointing performance in the entire series, and the Asia Cup before it, was that of the captain. All that served to undermine his captaincy.

    “This is all very suspicious. What other reason could be for such performance?”


    1. Afridi is a great player and he should play cricket… but not as a captain.. its my request to him.. otherwise many people (including me), will stop watching cricket, if there will be no afridi in the team…

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