India seeks consular access to RAW agent in Pakistani custody


India’s External Affairs Ministry on Friday said it has sought consular access to an undercover agent of the country’s intelligence agency, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) arrested by Pakistan from Balochistan.
In a statement, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs admitted that the officer was an officer in the Indian Navy, but claimed that he had taken an early retirement from service.
“He (alleged RAW officer arrested in Pakistan) has no link with the government since his premature retirement from the Indian Navy,” the Indian Ministry of External Affairs said in the statement.
“We have sought consular access to him. India has no interest in interfering in internal matters of any country,” said the statement.
Pakistan summoned the Indian ambassador on Friday to protest against the presence of the Indian spy in the country.
“(Pakistan) conveyed our protest and deep concern on the illegal entry into Pakistan by a RAW officer and his involvement in subversive activities in Baluchistan and Karachi,” Pakistan’s Foreign Office said in a statement, referring to the message conveyed to India’s ambassador.
The capture of the RAW agent is the latest evidence of Islamabad’s claim that the neighbouring country is actively trying to destabilize Pakistan.
In a media statement, Balochistan Home Minister Mir Sarfaraz Bugti said that the captured agent is an active Indian serviceman who was active in Balochistan with an aim to destabilise Pakistan.
According to details, RAW agent Kul Bhushan Yadav was arrested by Pakistani intelligence personnel in Balochistan some days ago and he was later shifted to Islamabad for investigation.
The arrested agent of RAW had contacts with separatist groups operating in Balochistan, sources said.
During preliminary investigations, the undercover Indian agent revealed that his main agenda was to sabotage the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) through propaganda and to create disharmony among the Baloch nationalist political parties.


  1. "He is a RAW agent"
    Pakistan is over reacting even before any investigation has taken place.
    For all you know he may have mental issues, or some other explaination. Time will tell.

    • Come on jaggy be sensible. he holds an indian passport with visa for Iran but not Pakistan and he might have mental issues??? Geez whatever gave you that idea?

  2. What is wrong with agents, here and there. They collect information. As long as they are not killing like terrorists, they need to have spy rights.

    • give him american hospitality,,he is going to spill his indian beans…………………………………….

  3. It is quite clear Indians won't try to save their captured spy. Pakistan should make an example out of him by beheading him and so on to discourage other spies from entering Pakistan.

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