Hindu community celebrates Holi


Hindu community celebrated the Holi festival with traditional enthusiasm in Lahore on Wednesday. Celebrations were held at Krishana Mandir on Ravi Road led by Pakistan Hindu Welfare Council (PHWC) Chairman Dr. Manohar Chand. Leaders of Sikh and Hindu community along with Evacuee Trust Property Board Secretary (Shrines) Khalid Ali attended the event.

A special free-food distribution (dole out) was also arranged for participants by the Krishana Mandir management in association with the Evacuee Trust Property Board administration.

On this occasion, the PHWC Chairman Dr Manohar Chand welcomed people of other religions including Sikhs, Muslims and Christians. Dr Manohar Chand said Holi festival gives the message of love, peace and brotherhood. It gives us the lesson to remove differences and create a sense of inter-faith harmony and peace.