Bangladesh fans vent anger at ICC against Taskin, Sunny bans | Pakistan Today

Bangladesh fans vent anger at ICC against Taskin, Sunny bans

Scores of Bangladeshi cricket fans took to the streets of Dhaka on Sunday to express their outrage hours after global cricket officials banned the country’s top bowlers from competing in the World Twenty20 in India.

The demonstrators formed a human chain as they marched along a busy road in the capital, after the International Cricket Council suspended pacer Taskin Ahmed and Arafat Sunny on Saturday from bowling in international matches for illegal actions.

The bans came as a blow to Bangladesh’s chances in the World Twenty20 after they lost to Pakistan by 55 runs in their opening match of the tournament.

“The ICC has been consistently trying to destroy the chances of small teams like Bangladesh to do better in the World Cup. The bans of Taskin Ahmed and Arafat Sunny are part of this conspiracy,” said enraged cricket fan Sanjiban Sudip, 23.

“This is nothing new. No players from India, Australia or England have been banned for suspect actions. In contrast, plenty of players from teams like Bangladesh were suspended,” he added.

The protesters burned a “symbolic effigy” of the ICC as they concluded their protest.

Thousands of Bangladeshi fans also vented their frustration on social media after the bowlers failed assessment tests to clear the suspicion over their bowling, as the bans made front-page headlines across the cricket-crazy nation on Sunday.

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