Fawad Khan reveals he is suffering from diabetes


Along with being blessed with drool-worthy looks, actor Fawad Khan is a great actor too. His performance in ‘Kapoor & Sons (Since 1921)’ has won him compliments from almost every nook and corner. Critics have appreciated his role of Rahul, the elder son of the Kapoor family.

Recently in an interview Fawad Khan revealed that he is diabetic. He said he suffers from Type 1 diabetes which is incurable.

He revealed the reason behind getting Diabetes saying, in his case, he used to smoke in school. They would hide behind the swimming pool to smoke. There used to be pipes there with raw and unfinished concrete on it. They would swim, come out, take a puff and go back again. Once, when he was standing against these concrete pipes, he got scratches and cuts. But he jumped back into the swimming pool. The water had not been treated that day. He developed a terrible infection. He lost 10 kilos. That’s when he realized that he was diabetic.

Now he is doing his best to keep the condition under control. He said, he now has managed to procure a wireless pump. When you sit down to eat and enter what you will be eating into it, it calculates the number of calories and the number of units of insulin you’ll require for that. You press the button and it automatically starts delivering the required amount of insulin to the body. Science is truly amazing.

We hope that he’ll stay fit and healthy and keep us entertaining with his charm and acting skills.


  1. It is a disorder of metabolism or can be called the way that body uses the food for energy. The starch, sugar and carbohydrates are broken down into glucose. The hormone insulin helps in absorbing the glucose and utilizes it for energy. Diabetes occurs when the body fails to form the insulin. – Diabetes Treatment

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