Kamal served legal notice for calling Moazzam Ali ‘a killer’


Moazzam Ali Khan’s wife on Wednesday served a legal notice to former Karachi mayor Mustafa Kamal for allegedly maligning her husband in his media addresses.

Moazzam’s wife, Sadia Bano, sent the notice through her lawyer asking Kamal to tender an apology for his ‘mala fide’ wordings and calling her husband a killer even though case proceedings are still ongoing.  Moazzam Ali is one of the three suspects under interrogation in connection with the murder of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Dr Imran Farooq.

While the two other accused have admitted their role in assassinating Farooq in London, Moazzam did not confess to the offence. The 50-year-old MQM leader was clubbed and stabbed to death near his North London residence in Edgware on September 16, 2010, on his way home from work.

On March 3, Kamal broke away with MQM and formed his own political party along with leader Anees Qaimkhani. During his much-hyped presser, Kamal implied that a few MQM workers were involved in killing Farooq on directions of party supremo Altaf Hussain.

In the legal notice, Sadia’s lawyer maintained that the former mayor categorically called Moazzam “a killer” without any evidence and while the case was still proceeding.

“…That you leveled this serious allegation against my client’s above said husband without any material/concrete evidence in a hearsay manner which caused serious mental agony and damaged reputation of my client’s above said husband as well as our family in the eyes of the vicinity,” the notice read.

The notice demanded that Kamal tenders his apology in print and electronic media the same way he defamed Moazzam. “Failing which I have fully authorised and instructed (to) start legal action against your maliciously (sic) allegation at your own risk and consequences,” it added.



  1. That poor lady has no resources or nerves to serve a legal notice on Mustafa Kamaal. She is being 'used' by the 'tissue papere users'.

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