NLD’s Htin Kyaw elected first civilian president of Myanmar in 50 years


Suu Kyi backed Htin Kyaw was Tuesday elected as first civilian president of Myanmar, as country heads towards end of fifty-year-long military rule.

According to media reports, Htin Kyaw bagged as many as 360 votes out the total 652 votes cast by members of newly elected Parliament, where Suu Kyi’s party enjoys majority.

Htin Kyaw -who was representing National League for Democracy (NLD) party in presidential elections- faced a tough contest by another candidate, Henry Van Thio, of the same party and another backed by incumbent military ruling party, Myint Swe.

Official results suggest that Myint Swe received 213 votes while second NLD candidate Henry Van Thio got 79 votes.

Mr Htin Kyaw will replace outgoing president Thein Sein, who was backed by military, later this month.