Rain to decrease pollen count in air, bring relief from allergies



Heavy rain predicted by the weather experts would reduce the pollen count up to 10,000 per cubic meter of air in the capital.

Director General, Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), Dr. Ghulam Rasool told APP that the pollen count which has risen above 32,737 per cubic meter in Islamabad is likely to reduce up to 10,000 per cubic meter of air due to the weather.

He said rain and cloudy weather conditions are likely to prevail for the next eight to 10 days and the decrease in pollen count would persist during that period.

Dr Ghulam Rasool said allergy patients may gain certain relief from the symptoms caused by pollen allergy during the next few days. The pollen count, he added, will begin to rise again after the rain spell ends.

During the spring season in Islamabad, sprouting of trees start which produces pollen grains in the air, creating problems to the people suffering from respiratory diseases.

The pollen producing species in the capital are mainly pines, grasses, cannabis and paper mulberry.

Among them, paper mulberry pollen has the largest concentration in Islamabad and its peak season matches with March.