Educating a generation


Gender discrimination occurs in our society at a frightening level. The level of discrimination is much higher in the rural areas of Pakistan. Domestic violence is also a part of gender discrimination. Women are mostly the target of domestic violence. They are deprived of education, protection, basic rights, employment and property. People do not consider the education of women as an important factor in the rural areas of the country. They are destroying our youth in this way. Educating women means educating a whole generation.

An educated mother can build an educated youth which would be valuable for our country. The literacy rate of females is very low. On the other hand, men are always encouraged to get higher education in every field. Our society is also reluctant to give medical facilities to women and leave them alone to fight for their rights.

Seats for women in working areas are always less than males. Women are equally talented. They should be given the equal opportunities. The birth of a baby girl is considered a burden and shame. The higher intensity of gender discrimination weakens the capacity of females to take part in any healthy activity and make them psychologically weak.

Addressing gender discrimination is very important for the wellbeing of our country. The success of every nation is dependent on both males and females. A nation can’t become successful unless its females contribute towards its success.




  1. Iran with a theocratic government have consistently produced more female graduates than men. Why? Because the will to cultivate a progressive society with out discrimination. Our feudal rulers want to maintain a large pool of illiterate and ignorant voters who will go on voting for them so that they can continue looting billions from the state coffers with complete impunity. Corrupt rulers and ignorant voters are the two fundamental causes of Pakistan's backwardness. Corrupt rulers will not be able to win power with out ignorant voters, having come to power with their vote, the rulers ensure this vote bank remains in place undiminished, the cycle continues indefinitely. How to break this Symbiosis remains a million dollar question.

  2. Who is going to rescue Pakistan's very large vote bank of ignorant voter from their ignorance that makes them commit sociopolitical suicide time and again?

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