Rising sea level could sink Karachi, displace 40 million people


The National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) has warned that Karachi could drown Karachi in the next 35-45 years. The NIO has warned that parts of Malir have already sunk and if emergency measures are not taken 30-40 million people could be displaced due to climate changes.

Over the years climate change has had devastating repercussions, thousands of deaths, earthquakes, floods and severe drought are clear indicators of climate change. In Karachi alone 1200 people lost their lives due to an extreme heat wave just last June.

With sea level rising by 6 millimeters annually, experts have warned that the greatest threat to the country is not from terrorism but from climate change. With parts of district Malir already having been reclaimed by the ocean, they fear that Karachi as we know it may not exist in the next four decades.

Germanwatch, an international think-tank has warned that Pakistan is among the top 10 countries most at risk due to climate change.

It is feared that if a catastrophic event similar to the 1945 Tsunami hits Karachi, rehabilitating the approximately 45 million people that will be displaced will post a great challenge.

Experts continue to warn, that if climate change is not taken seriously the resulting damage will be unimaginable and irreparable.


  1. DHA Phase 8 which is reclaimed is even now facing slight tremors because of improper and faulty land filling and may face threat of sinking if sea water level rises.

  2. dha authorities shold take immediate help from nederlands as banladesh has been seeking help from nederlands and has gained some progress in this matter.DHA should take help with the assistance of sind government

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