Muslim student gets escorted out of a rally in style


Saqib Javed, a student of Wayne State University, decided to attend Donald Trump’s Michigan rally wearing a traditional sherwani paired with aviators, and his hair and beard perfectly groomed. Not only that, he showed the world how to call Trump out of racism and get kicked out of the rally in style.

In a video that went viral on Facebook, the young student is shown screaming at Trump: “Not all Muslims are terrorists! Not all Mexicans are rapists!”

How to Get Kicked Out of a Trump RallyLong hair, don’t care: This guy explains his glamorous exit from a Trump rally.

Posted by AJ+ on Friday, March 4, 2016

Following this, Trump is heard yelling, “get him out of here!”

Using his phone, Saqib recorded himself being escorted from the rally… but not before he nonchalantly flicks back a lock of full, shiny hair. To top it all off, Saqib chose to stage his protest wearing an embroidered sherwani.

Speaking to a reporter after the rally, Saqib said: “Donald Trump, this is not the last time you’ll see me… you’ll see this face again.”

He claims people were saying “Bye bye, prince” as he was exiting and he’s just happy that he is one who won’t be forgotten.

For others who want to protest at Trump’s rallies, Saqib says you just have to be fearless and speak your mind. And steal some style tips from him too while at it.

And Donald Trump’s take on all this? He allegedly said Saqib looked like an ‘Elvis impersonator.’

We can’t wait to see what else Saqib has in store for Trump!


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