MQM and the new party


    Nothing would affect MQM’s control

    In political discourse, usually the public, for whom democracy actually exists, are forgotten.

    A new political party has been declared against the Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM). But as yet we do not know the name, manifesto, how many members it consists of or who funds it, for that matter.

    What we know is that war has been declared and ample of allegations made on both ends.

    DNA went around asking Karachiites, to know what they thought of Mustafa Kamal’s return.

    The return of the beloved mayor

    Mustafa Kamal was one of the most, if not the most, popular mayors of Karachi. The people fully appreciated his efforts in building the city into a metropolis.

    “I hope this is the last nail in MQM’s coffin. Yes, in Kamal’s tenure the conditions of Karachi weren’t good. But now they are very safe and sound. We have lived through a time when MQM’s terror was enough for people to sit at home. But when he was the mayor he developed Karachi into a beautiful city, it was clean and the infrastructure was well built. We loved him,” said Bina Saeed, a housewife.

    People who were pro-MQM some years ago have changed their mind now. They feel what PML-N is to Lahore, MQM should have been to Karachi. Alas, those days are far behind and now terror is all that prevails. They feel MQM is ruling over them as a monarchy and not like a democracy.

    “When they were in power, Karachi was at its finest. MQM knows the reigns of Karachi very well and does it best to flourish it during its rule. Case in point; when Mustafa Kamal was the mayor. All the developments people now see are thanks to MQM and him. But unfortunately when they are not in power they will go to any length to ruin the rule of the party in power,” said Hiba Akmal, an associate in the USA.


    “From a tender age, youngsters have always been brainwashed. I have been living in an MQM controlled area for the past 20 years. I am used to seeing karkuns (workers) go about their daily violent activities. At a point I admired them and that did half the job for them,” said Majid a banker.

    Some while sharing their personal experience believed that Mustafa Kamal’s allegations about MQM destroying generations is true. Youngsters do not even know what they are doing, while they are doing it, as they are intoxicated by the power that being an MQM worker brings with it.

    “People had no freedom of speech about 15 years ago. My uncle was murdered by someone from MQM, I know of many others who have faced the same situation. But even after all these atrocities people remain blindfolded and they still support MQM,” a resident of Karachi who didn’t want to be named told DNA.

    MQM won’t be affected

    Some feel that Mustafa Kamal’s entry won’t be a hassle for MQM. The MQM-Haqiqi was formed in 1992 but so far it hasn’t been able to affect MQM’s following so Kamal’s party won’t leave a mark either.

    “The Rangers always construct parties against us; first it was Haqiqi then PTI now it’s Mustafa Kamal. He too will run away once people find out about his corruption money which is safe in his brother’s bank,” Amir Ahmed, an MQM worker told DNA.

    People who do not support MQM also feel that the party has marked its territory and is here to stay.

    “MQM is deeply rooted into its voters and it can’t be affected easily. Having said that it would hurt the party psychologically, MQM has always shown heat when it comes to such statements rather than dealing with them calmly. Mustafa Kamal’s party will only get media hype but on grounds of vote it won’t go too far,” Junaid Akram, who lived in Karachi for 28 years before moving to the UAE for a job, told DNA.

    Some feel that MQM is being targeted on all levels; conspiracies and strategies are being formulated just to bring it down.

    “Whether using Saulat Mirza or Mustafa Kamal, the agenda remains to defame MQM. Kamal enjoys massive respect and admiration as the sort of work he has done is praise worthy, but one should never backfire and disrespect the people who have been your stepping stone,” said Bisma, an IBA student.


    Coming out on national television and spilling the beans on one of the strongest parties of the country is not an easy task. In the process Mustafa Kamal has claimed responsibility of many crimes, some a matter of national security.

    “The new MK party is a waste of time. To build a new party from scratch a lot of public support is needed. He has been an accomplice in all the crimes he claimed. If he really wants to do something, he should surrender. He is a traitor too for keeping all this to himself for the past three years and for that matter even Altaf Hussain is a traitor,” Shehroze Khan, a graduate of accounts and finance, said.

    What we have to wait and see now is how this new party does, if at all, and how it actually affects MQM and Karachi.


    1. Set the record straight Annam- Haqqiqi was formed in the time of Nawaz Sharif. In fact Musharraf pushed MQM Altaf forward.

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