Govt’s pro-women moves acknowledged


The government is committed to empowering women as it is the need of the hour that women are empowered to play their role in progress and development of the country.

Additionally, the prime minister has constituted a committee to formulate the National Women Empowerment Policy (NWEP) 2016.

These were the views of political leaders while talking in radio Pakistan’s news and current affairs programme.

Member committee for NWEP Shaista Pervaiz said: “PM has constituted an eleven-member committee to formulate the NWEP and I am also the member of this committee.”

“We also have given our recommendations to give tickets to women in elections. Disabled women would be given special opportunities in different fields of life,” she said adding, government is also focusing on to provide workable environment to the women.

“We will also ensure the proper implementation of suggestions made by the committee,” she added.

Media should play a vital role for women empowerment, she suggested. PML-N Maryam Aurangzeb said, “National women empowerment policy will also contain the financial empowerment for the women.” She added quota system for the women has also been improved.

None of the governments made any efforts for the women empowerment, she regretted.

Women as daughter, mother, wife and sister would consider themselves safe through this policy, she added. She expressed the hope that the empowerment package would ultimately facilitate the women of country. But some elements were still criticizing the policies.

PML-N leader Maiza Hameed said, “PML-N and its leadership had always supported the women empowerment. Women should be given equal quota like men in all the fields in the country.”

Present government is trying to maximize the women job quota, she said and added there should be child care centre at all work places.

The government is also making certain policies to stop honour killing. The Punjab government has established some women police stations that would deal with women’s cases specifically; she said adding “This act must be appreciated.”

JUI-F leader Naeema Kishwar said, “Present government has fulfilled its commitment for women empowerment which is a positive gesture.” The PM has constituted a committee to formulate the NWEP, she said.

“First of all, women should be given the rights that our religion Islam has ordained for them,” she noted. “We should change the culture where women are not given the rights they deserve; women should also be given the rights in inheritance in accordance with Islamic teachings.”

JI leader Ayesha Syed congratulated the government for constituting committee to formulate NWEP.

ANP leader Bushra Gohar said “Government should have to own the decision of this committee otherwise the constitution of this committee would be meaningless.”

Analyst Dr. Waheed Iqbal said, “PM has constituted an eleven member committee to formulate the National Women Empowerment Policy 2016 which is a positive development.”He said, women would now get equal opportunities as that of men and hoped there would be a positive outcome.