Sartaj Aziz sees India biggest threat to Pak security than terrorism | Pakistan Today

Sartaj Aziz sees India biggest threat to Pak security than terrorism

Adviser to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz has said that India , not the menace of terrorism is not biggest threat to Pakistan’s security since New Delhi is increasing strategic and conventional imbalance in the South Asian region.

Addressing at a ceremony in Washington, Aziz went on to say, “Terrorism is an internal matter of Pakistan and it would be soon resolved. Terrorism was a shared threat to Pakistan and Afghanistan and the two countries were taking steps to eradicate it.”

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He said that Pakistan has strongly rejected the American demand to cut short the nuclear stockpile of Pakistan as it considers India a serious threat.

Aziz had led Pakistani delegation while Secretary of State John Kerry the United States, where they reaffirmed their shared commitment to expand and deepen bilateral trade, investment and environmental cooperation.

Both sides agreed that a strong, prosperous, and democratic Pakistan is an essential partner for the United States in advancing these shared goals.

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The two sides reaffirmed the importance of the Strategic Dialogue, which provides vision and direction for this bilateral partnership.

They also agreed that the modernization of Pakistan’s economy through better technology, improved business climate and opportunities for women will drive the country’s economic growth.

Sartaj Aziz reiterated Premier Nawaz Sharif’s commitment to expanding opportunities for girls.

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  1. Vitali said:

    India has lost control in Afghanistan but the Zionist want the RSS to destabilize Pakistan but that has FAILED. Russia is Pakistan's friend and Putin is a master chess Player, India do not get fooled by America Pakistan learnt that lesson from 1979!

  2. Ibrahim Janjuarajput said:

    He is absolute right. India is the biggest ever threat to Pakistan. India is the one who took part in breaking Pakistan.We should never forget it. Peace is very important but not at the cost of our freedom. Never forget what Moozi said while his visit to Bangladesh and remember this kind of poison can repeat in future too. We should be well prepare ourselves never let it happen again.

  3. tellmore said:

    When army is fighting wars on many fronts with India, Nawaz Sheriff is inviting Modi to Pakistan for SAARC Summit. This trade relations with India will be a major threat to the Integrity of Pakistan. It is better either Pakistan come out of SAARC or if possible expel India from SAARC with the support of other countries like Srilanka, Bangladesh and Nepal who are equally unhappy and weary with India.

  4. Pervez said:

    Look at the History and see who has initiated aggression against India from 1947 onwards, The breakup of Pakistan was inevitable the cause was West pakistan not India. So please wake-up and look at the possibilities rather dwelling in past. If Pakistan has good intentions it can sign a no-war pact with its neighbors get rid of the so-called 'good terrorist' and stop them or better yet eliminate them from your soil and the world can live in peace!

  5. sami shahid said:

    Mr. Sartaj Aziz is right to some extent….But not only India, but even the terrorists hiding in Afghanistan are a threat to Pakistan….An India inside Afghanistan is also a threat to Pakistan….even the Afghan government and Afghan state departments are a threat to Pakistan….Pakistan should increase its conventional power to counter both the terrorists.

  6. vanavond op tv said:

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