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Sarfaraz Merchant breaks silence on alleged MQM-India links

Sarfaraz Merchant, one of the suspects in London money-laundering case also involving top leaders of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), on Tuesday broke silence about party’s alleged links with India.

Speaking during an exclusive interview with a private news channel, Merchant said the Scotland Yard in London had seized several lists of weapons during raids at the MQM chief’s residence as part of the money-laundering investigation.

Sarfaraz Merchant, a close friend of senior MQM leader Muhammad Anwar, said that the Scotland Yard told him the political party has been receiving Indian funding.

“I shared the official document about Indian funding to MQM with a senior political figure, who was previously associated with MQM and is presently holding a key position in Sindh government,” he said refusing to name anyone.  He said this information was later leaked.

“I was shocked to find that an Indian company in Dubai was transferring money into MQM’s accounts,” he said while replying to a question.

“I have not been in talking terms with MQM leaders since then and have kept a distance from them.”

Merchant said that Muhammad Anwar used to travel to India on regular basis and once also asked him to come along but he refused.

Sarfaraz Merchant said the Scotland Yard has credible evidence of Indian funding to the MQM.

“Scotland Yard showed me a list of weapons, which carried the name and address of Altaf Hussain,” he said.

Merchant conceded that he lent 35,000 UK pounds to MQM during the general elections in 2013. He further said he gave a total amount of 250,000 to MQM on different occasion.

He said he would adopt a legal course to take his money back and would also talk to authorities concerned in Pakistan in this regard.

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  1. Roy said:

    It is beyond doubt that MQM leadership is full of Indian spies, including Altaf Hussain. People of Karachi need to open their eyes and stop supporting MQM.

  2. neutral said:

    Legally, who would accept or brlieve what Mr Sarfaraz says. So far, nothing has happened and nothing is likely to since MQM Chief is a 'guest' of MI6 says an ex-RAW Chief. The Scotland Yard Police is deaf and dumb so far the case of this British Citizen is concerned.

  3. Vitali said:

    Russia Pakistan! Long live Putin for bringing stability to the region!

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