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Hassan Rouhani to visit Pakistan

Iran President Hassan Rouhani is set to visit Pakistan by the end of this month to push for the Iran-Pakistan (IP) gas pipeline project.

The project was to be commissioned in December 2014, but work was stalled after sanctions were placed on Tehran.

Any delay on part of Pakistan in the post-sanction scenario would result in millions of dollars being imposed as penalty, besides upsetting diplomatic relations between the two countries.

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  2. Nikos Retsos said:

    There is a vain mis-application of the word "moderates" in the Western media when Iran's politics are covered. Supposedly, Iranian "moderates" are "anti-establishment" figures trying to chip away the powers of the Iranian clergy, and if -or when- that happens, they would return Iran back to the U.S. sphere of influence as it was under the late Shah Reza Pahlevi! Well, it won't happen – NEVER! Why? The Iranian clergy is incorruptible, and by holding on to power, and by controlling the elite Revolutionary Guards armed forces, the Islamic Republic would remain unchanged even if the Iranian moderates receive 90% of the vote in any elections! That is why the U.S. overthrew the Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi. The U.S. was afraid that Morsi and his majority of Egyptians Muslim Brotherhood might declare Egypt an Islamic Republic – if Morsi was given time to solidify his authority over the Egyptian Armed Forces. The Iranian Guardian Council , comprised by all senior Iranian clergy, and Iran's Supreme Leader, elected by that council, will always be above elected politicians.
    Nikos Retsos, retired professor, USA

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