A way out


It is generally being said that due to the army being committed in Zarb-e-Azb, it would not be able to spare the manpower required for the census. There is no doubt about it since Pakistan is facing some multi-directional threats and only the armed forces are effectively thwarting off these threats single handedly.

Nevertheless, there is always a way out provided the government has the will to carry out the census. There is an obvious foot dragging on the census by the government and only the provinces can force the government to fulfil a constitutional obligation.

May I suggest that the armed forces may volunteer to provide all the manpower required by the government by recalling their reservists to active duty to make up the deficient manpower.

The nation will be eagerly waiting for this will to be demonstrated by our government failing which we will be justified to conclude that the government wants to grind its own ax due to some hidden agenda or some fear of the unknown.