KU promotes 35 officers twice without selection board


A new scam surfaced in the University of Karachi (KU) in which some varsity officials were promoted twice in others ranks without holding meeting of selection board, Pakistan Today learnt on Sunday through reliable sources.

The university officials, who were awarded with double promotions, are placed in non-teaching pool of the varsity. Further, it has been revealed that the promotions were given to the officers who are enjoying support of three big political parties of the city.

As per KU laws, the varsity can promote an employee to another rank without holding selection board, but he/she would have to appear and qualify the selection board of the rank the employee is promoted to.

However, there is no provision in the university laws that an employee, who is promoted to upper rank without facing selection board, advanced to another rank without qualifying selection board of the previous rank.

But the varsity gave two-time promotions to 35 of its high-rank officers in their tenure without holding selection board. Illegally promoted officers have occupied top slots in non-teaching zones. The varsity sources claimed that these officers were given double promotions due to the pressure of some political parties.

The officers, who were given out-of-turn promotions, are deputed on key posts in registrar office, semester cell, enrolment and examination centres of the varsity. Those who were awarded unlawful promotions twice also include KU legal affairs director.

However, KU Legal Affairs Director Asif Mukhtar rejected the allegations regarding his illegal promotion to upper ranks without qualifying selection board. He claimed that his name was not included in the list of 35 non-teaching staffers who were given out-of-turn promotions twice in the service tenure.

He added that some varsity officials were trying to implicate him in illegal promotion case. “They [his opponents] are making efforts to place my name in the list of illegally promoted officers,” he maintained.

“Unlawfully promoted officers would have to face demotions,” Karachi University Teachers Society (KUTS) President Dr Shakeel-ur Rehman Farooqui said. “As per the law, the varsity can promote 33 per cent of its non-teaching staffers keeping the factor of ‘necessity’ in view,” Farooqui maintained.

“I served as a KU syndicate member during 2008-11 and the request for the promotion of some officers again, who didn’t qualify the selection board of the rank they hold, arrived in several meetings, but I always resisted this move. “During my tenure as a syndicate member, the varsity could not award double promotion to any of its blue-eyed officer, but after 2011, the varsity promoted 40 of its officers after the term of my slot as a syndicate member ended.”

KU Registrar Prof Dr Moazzam Ali Khan claimed the varsity had demoted the officers who were given double promotions in their tenure few days back. “The list of demoted officers includes 35 non-teaching staffers, and they have been directed to report the actual office,” Khan claimed.

“The varsity also issued a circular and informed the officers, who were promoted to other ranks that they would only be promoted to the higher rank once they qualify the selection board of the existing rank,” Khan maintained. When KU registrar was asked to give reasons behind this unlawful activity, he claimed that the varsity had assigned these officers to work on higher ranks after retirement of employees who were holding these key positions.


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