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Policy on NAB to be made after consultation with parties: PM’s adviser

Adviser to the Prime Minister on National History and Literary Heritage Irfan Siddiqui on Thursday said that any policy regarding the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) would be made after consultation with all political forces in parliament.

Talking to media after attending concluding session of a three-day conference here, Siddiqui said if needed, the NAB Ordinance would be tabled before parliament for thorough consideration to make it more effective.

He said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s criticism of the government was baseless since it had also introduced amendments to the Ehtisab Commission in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa despite opposition from other political parties.

To a question, Siddiqui said that Prime Minister Sharif had set education, health, energy and economy as top priorities, adding that far-sighted vision of the PM would ensure a bright future for the coming generations of Pakistan.

Earlier, addressing participants of the conference, he said that politics of sit-in and agitation was against the interests of the masses and father of the nation Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had never supported such practices.

He said that today’s Pakistan was far better than what it was in 2014, adding that the PML-N government under the able leadership of Premier Sharif had ensured peace and stability across the country, including Balochistan and Karachi. He said the future of the country was bright and the new generation should come forward to play its due role for national development.

Siddiqui was of the opinion that in the prevailing circumstances, there was a dire need to strengthen the ideological and geographical boundries of the country. He also stressed the need for eliminating extremism, sectarianism and hatred from the country for the sake of stability and integrity of the country.

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