Woman kills son ‘possessed by djinn’ on fake pir’s advice



In what appeared to be a height of superstition, a woman in Ferozwala area killed her 11-year-old son on advice of a so-called exorcist.

The incident occurred in Wandala Dayal Shah area of Ferozwala tehsil where Shabana first strangled her 11-year-old son Umair and then hanged him with a ceiling fan. When neighbours entered the house after they heard the boy screaming, Shabana fled the scene. However she was caught and handed over to police later on.

Locals said the woman took this extreme step on a so-called pir’s (exorcist) advice in a bid to cast a djinn out of the boy. Police have taken victim Umair’s body into custody and registered a case against his mother. Talking to media, Shabana’s husband said that both his wife and son were possessed. Police have launched investigation into the incident.